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Clarity: Technical Reference Guide Has Misleading Explanation for IS_FINANCIALLY_ENABLED


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The description of field IS_FINANCIALLY_ENABLED from table PAC_MNT_PROJECTS is misleading by stating:

"This indicates if the investment is financially enabled."

This field is set to 1 (true) only when actuals have ever been created against the project for the first time. When you financially close the project by setting the Financial Status to 'Closed', the flag is still set to 1.

The current description misleads reader to think that this field should be set to 1 once a project has all the financial properties set up on the Financial page; it doesn't mention anything about transactions.

A more accurate description would be similar to 'This indicates if financial transactions have been entered against this investment'.


The field is set if the Project Financial Status is set to 'Open' and a resource submits a timesheet with an entry for a task on the project and the timesheet is posted.

The posting of the timesheet generates financial transactions that appear as 'NEW' transactions on the Admin Tool > Invalid Transactions listing and at that time if these are the first transactions, the field is set to true. Once this field is set to true, it cannot be changed.


This is a documentation defect CLRT-59785, which will be resolved in the next major release.


TEC444471: Company Name or Billing Currency cannot be changed after transactions have been posted.

TEC531072: Clarity: Post Timesheet Job incorrectly creates financial transactions for projects with Financial Status not 'Open'.

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