VMLSYS481W VMSPOOL's AUDT minidisk (1D0) is 81% full.


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CA VM:Spool




VM:Spool reached its default ADISKFUL record threshold of 80% and is now reporting VMLSYS481W VMSPOOL's AUDT minidisk (1D0) is 81% full.   Do we need to increase the size of this disk?



VM:Spool provides an optional audit facility that tracks all VM:Spool commands entered by users as well as some activities.  The audit facility maintains a CMS disk file named VMSPOOL AUDIT that contains the audit data collected by VM:Spool.  You can use the VMSPOOL AUDITEXT command which copies the audit file to another minidisk and then erases the file from the AUDT minidisk to make room for new audit records.  You could easily automate a process like this and not need to increase the size of the audit disk.


Additional Information:

Refer to the SYSTEM Record in VM:Spool's  System Administrator's Guide for information about setting thresholds for reporting of disk-full conditions of the AUDT, DBAS and BKUP minidisks.  





Release: VMSPLL55400-1.8-VM:Spool