Clarity: What is the XC_ADMIN Resource User Account?
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Clarity: What is the XC_ADMIN Resource User Account?


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We upgraded our implementation
We noticed a new Resource User appear in the Admin Tool > Resources listing named 'XC Admin'.
The Created Date indicates that the user was added when the upgrade occurred.
What is this account used for? It does not have any security access rights assigned.


The XC Admin (xc_admin) user account is used by Xcelsius Dashboards for calculating FTE (full-time equivalent) Resource Availability.

This user is created automatically in Clarity. When the resource is created, the 'Standard' Clarity Calendar is assigned to this resource for determining 'standard' availability hours. The availability hours on this resource will be sliced and stored in the slice tables. The data for this standard resource will then be used by the Xcelsius Dashboard Queries to compare availability against other resources to calculate the FTE.

This user account, when created is 'active' and 'locked'. The user account should not be altered. There is no need for security access rights as this is not a real end-user ; this account is only used for linking to the standard calendar to calculate availability for use in Xcelsius Dashboard Queries.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus