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Errors when compiling the Avaya Mib files in Spectrum MIB Tools


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Errors when compiling the Avaya Mib files in Spectrum MIB Tools

Users may observe the below error while compiling the Avaya mib files.

CRT-82 All OBJECT IDENTIFIER values should have at least two sub-identifiers.

lineNo colNo Error
33 5 Only a single sub-identifier
'[email protected]' is present in the OBJECT IDENTIFIER definition

Both the Alarms and Trap mibs shows the same error when compiling from the Mib Tools.


Release: Any
Component: SPCAPP


Follow the below solution so that the mibs can be compiled successfully.

Trap Mib:

If the above error is seen while compiling this mib it is because the mib file shows text for all of the special characters:

For example:

\tab g3alarmsAlarmType, g3extdevAltName, g3extdevDescription, g3extdevID,\par
\tab g3extdevBuilding, g3extdevAddress, g3clientExternalName,\par


Remove all \tab and \par from the trap mib to compile the mib successfully. Also make sure when you download the file, it's in the unix character set. If not, do dos2unix or remove all strings like the ones I put in bold above.

Alarms Mib:

For this the mib file attached to this KB should be downloaded and compared with the one the client has in his environment. Do the necessary changes required in the mib by scanning the attached mib.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Managing MIBs and Traps With MIB Tools" section of the documentation for more information on using MIB Tools.

NOTE: Spectrum Support is not responsible for the success of compiling vendor mibs in MIB Tools. You may be required to resolve compile errors with the vendor.