How do you allow the user to postpone or disable auto-reboot after the install of a software package via Software Delivery?


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Is there a way that the auto-reboot function can be postponed or disabled so that users can reboot when it is convenient or so that users can extend the 30 minute default reboot time?


It is not possible for the user to disable the reboot altogether but it is possible to postpone the reboot or extend the 30 minute default.

Create a new configuration policy or update the default configuration policy and apply this to the agents with the following settings.

Under 'DSM -> Software Delivery -> Agent' set:

  • Reboot: Forced reboot FALSE
  • Reboot: Prompt timeout 3600

By setting 'Forced reboot' to FALSE, the user will be prompted but the message will timeout after 3600 seconds (60 minutes) as specified in 'Prompt timeout' and the reboot will take place after the message times out.

It is possible for the user to postpone the reboot indefinitely by setting:

  • Reboot: Forced reboot FALSE
  • Reboot: Polite reboot TRUE

In this case there will be a message without a timer. As long as the message is not closed, the reboot will not take place.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence