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Clarity: Unable to add Child from Hierarchy even though user has Project - Hierarchy - Financial Rollup - Add - All access


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With Project - Hierarchy - Financial Rollup - Add - All access, user should be able to add child project

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Clarity as a user that has the following security access rights:
    Project - Create
    Project - Edit Financial - All
    Project - Edit Hierarchy All
    Project - Hierarchy - Financial Rollup - Add - All
    Project - Hierarchy - Financial Rollup - View - All
    Project - Hierarchy - Parents - Add - All
    Project - Hierarchy - Parents - Edit - All
  2. Main Application > Projects > Select an existing project
  3. Go to Project > Hierarchy tab
  4. Click 'Add Child' button
  5. Select a project and click 'Add' button

Expected Result: User should be able to add a child project with this access right
Actual Result: Red error message appears: 'You do not have the rights to perform the action'


Building a Hierarchy for investments is different between Projects and Non-Project Investment Objects (NPIOs).

A "hierarchy" of projects requires 'Project - Edit Management' access right in order to add a project as a child or to make one project a parent of another project. This is because adding a child (or parent) is really creating a master-subproject relationship between the two projects. The end-user must have 'Project - Edit Management' access rights in order to add a subproject to another project.

NPIOs, on the other hand, can be parents and children of any other investment simply by having the appropriate View access rights and Hierarchy access rights. Building a hierarchy using NPIOs does not require edit management access rights.

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Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus