Which WLM class should the ENF and CCI tasks, such as CCISSLGW run in?


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Currently client is running the ENF task using the SYSSTC WLM and the CCISSLGW task runs in STCMED. At shutdown ENF is getting more service than CCISSLGW, resulting in faster termination of the ENF address space.


Ensure that both the ENF and CCISSLGW tasks run in the same WLM service class, which should be SYSSTC (or the equivalent). These are system level tasks and should be defined similar to that of JES. Failure to set these up in this workload management class can result in problems for CA products relying on these tasks to service their requests. In general, the ENF and CCI tasks should be defined in a WLM class equal to or higher then the CA applications depending on its services.

An example of what could happen can involve these two tasks themselves. If ENF is running in a higher WLM class than CCISSLGW is running, then during system shutdown, if ENF shuts down faster than CCISASLGW, S0C4 abends can occur in CCISSLGW code because the cleanup of all CCI connection related control blocks has taken place within the ENF shutdown process.

Other symptoms can be maintaining CCI connectivity with remote systems in a busy environment. If CCI cannot process the work it is trying to handle in a timely manner, remote connections may disconnect due to what is perceived as no response to internal ping request.


Component: ENF