Moving Business Intelligence CMS SQL Server database to another SQL database server


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At times, it may be necessary to move the Business Intelligence CMS database after the initial Business Intelligence installation.


In this example, the Business Intelligence CMS database is moved to another SQL server.

On the 'new' SQL database server, perform the following:

  1. Login to the central SQL server as SA.

  2. Create a new user called bo_user with mixed mode authentication

  3. Create a database called bo_cms

  4. For the bo_user user, make bo_cms its default database and assign dbowner privileges

On the Business Intelligence server, perform the following:

  1. In the Central Configuration Manager stop Central Management Server process/service

  2. Go to Administrative Tools -> ODBC Data Sources

  3. Create a new System DSN for the 'new' SQL server with the BO_USER SQL user

  4. Test and ensure that connectivity is successful

  5. In the Central Configuration Manager, right click on Central Management Server and select PROPERTIES

  6. Go to Configuration and click on Specify button for CMS Data Source option

  7. Check the option Copy data from the another data source

  8. Click on OK

  9. In the Get Data from, select the original SQL ODBC SYSTEM DSN that Business Intelligence is currently using

  10. In the Copy to the following data source option select the 'new' SQL ODBC SYSTEM DSN created in step #3

  11. Click on OK.

  12. Start Central Management Server process/service in Central Configuration Manager.


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