How can I calculate how much memory is used by NSM CA Agents in HPUX?


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This Technical document can help to know what amount of RAM memory will be consumed by AT agents.


There is no official footprint for memory consumption for AT agents. The amount of memory required by agent after installation will depend on several factors (for example how many resources the agents are going to monitor).

Based on research, agents installed on Unix environment will take less than 100MB of memory to fully operate under medium load of work.

The following command will display the amount of memory used by AT agents and AT communication layer components in HPUX:

UNIX95= ps -e -o "user,pcpu,cpu,vsz,pid,args" | grep -ie caiUxsA2 -ie caiLogA2 -ie prfAgent -ie hpaAgent -ie aws_orb -ie aws_sadmin -ie aws_agtgate -ie dia -ie dna -ie agtctrl (vsz column will display the size of the process in memory in kilobytes)


Release: TNGEXO05500-11.2-Management-for Microsoft Exchange