Gen applications needing Build Tool token LOC.JAVAEE_HOME
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Gen applications needing Build Tool token LOC.JAVAEE_HOME


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset


For some Gen generated Java application types, Gen 8.6 requires that the Java EE SDK be installed and Build Tool profile JAVA token LOC.JAVAEE_HOME be set to find the file javaee.jar for the build to be successful. What are those application types?


Release: 8.6
Component: CGBT


1. LOC.JAVAEE_HOME needs to be set when generating Java server EJBs/EJB Web Services and the Classic Style Java Proxy. The standard Java Proxy does not use LOC.JAVAEE_HOME.

2. To enable the successful use of Java EE SDK requires the correct setting of the Gen 8.6 Build Tool Java token LOC.JAVAEE_HOME.
Download from Oracle page Oracle - Java™ EE 8 SDK Downloads
(Note that the top level folder in the zip file has name "glassfish5").
Unzip the file into the root of the C drive e.g. C:\java_ee_sdk-8u1
To ensure that all required Java classes (jar files) can be correctly located at compile time set Build Tool Profile Java token:
LOC.JAVAEE_HOME = C:\java_ee_sdk-8u1\glassfish5\glassfish

Additional Information

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