Clarity: Unable to see all resources when adding participants to a project, 401 error received when clicking Next Page arrow or click any of the page links


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As the Collaboration Manager for a project, when I go to Team > Participants > Add and either click the 'Next Page' arrow or click any of the page number links 2-10, I receive the following error:

Error 401 - Unauthorized. You are not authorized to view the page. If you are sure you have access, try logging in again or contact your system administrator.

The project manager has Resource - Navigate and Resource - View - All global rights in Clarity as well as Project Collaboration manager. The rights are granted through a Group definition.


Must have more than 20 Clarity Resource users defined so that there will be more than 1 page of results when selecting participants on a Project Team.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Clarity as an administrator user

  2. Create an OBS for Investments: Admin Tool > OBS

  3. Create a security group with the following access rights:

    Admin Tool > Groups > New

    Management - Programs (global)
    Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - View - All (global)
    Reports - Access (global)
    Resource - Navigate (global)
    Resource - View - All (global)

    Project - Benefit Plan - Edit (obs unit)
    Project - Cost Plan - Edit (obs unit)
    Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - Create/Edit (obs unit)
    Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - Delete (obs unit)
    Project - View All Fields (obs unit)
    Project - View Management (obs unit)
    Report - Run (obs unit)

  4. Create a new user and assign the security group just created

    Admin Tool > Resources > New > 'Resource1'

  5. Main Application > Projects > New > 'Project1'

    Create a new project and set the Project Manager to 'Resource1'

    Navigate to the Project > Team > Participants, add 'Resource1' as a Participant and 'Make a Collaboration Manager'

  6. Logout and Login as 'Resource1'

  7. Main Application > Projects > 'Project1'

    Project > Team > Participants > Click 'Add' button

  8. Either click the 'Next Page' arrow or click any of the page number links 2-10 to get the 401 error.

Expected Result: Next page of resources is displayed
Actual Result: 401 error displayed


Search for a specific resource by name or code, select and add to the project as a participant.

Resolved in Clarity 12.1.2

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-57915, clarity12resolved, clarity1212resolved, dms, clarity12open, clb, pagination.


Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus