Installing ITPAM to a named Sql Server instance
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Installing ITPAM to a named Sql Server instance


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This document will go over the information required to install ITPAM using a named instance of Sql Server rather than the default instance.


Component: ITPAM


This information is in addition to the installation technical document Article.

When have a named Sql Server instance, the designation is made via its unique port number.
For instance, the default instance of Sql Server uses the default port number of 1433. You can change this of course to what ever you need. However, when you create a named instance, this second instance must have a port number different than the default instance. This is how Sql Server differentiates the two (or more).

When installing ITPAM and entering the database information you must use only the Database Server servername and fill in the correct Database Port value for the instance.

Take for example:

Sql Server Servername = MSSQLProd1
default instance, port 1433
Named_Instance1, port 2340
Named_Instance2, port 3780

You need to install the ITPAM database to Named_Instance2
On the Database Setting screen during the installation you will enter the following:

Database Server    MSSQLProd1
Database Port       3780

Do not enter the servername with the instance name as MSSQLProd1\Named_Instance2
This will result in a failure to connect to the database and the installation will not proceed.