Parameterized Lookup values do not appear on the List View when the Lookup definition contains an embedded UNION statement


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The List view does not display selected, saved values on the second, parameterized look-up attribute if the parameterized look-up definition contains an embedded UNION statement. These values appear for selection in the List View Edit Mode browse and appear in the investment properties page.

Parameterized Look-up Example using Object Instances & incorporating a UNION Statement in the look-up:

The customer wants to be able to add an attribute to an Investment Object - this example will use the 'Application' Object for selecting an 'Activity'. Once the 'Activity' value is selected, a second attribute (that is the parameterized look-up) will be filtered based on the selected 'Activity' value to show only the appropriate 'Phase' for that activity.

In this example, the desired behavior is that the end-user should select an 'Activity' first and then the second attribute, for the parameterized look-up will return the appropriate 'Phase' value.

The parameterized look-up definition for the 'Phase' shall have an embedded UNION statement so that there is built-in logic to cover the following scenarios:

  1. Activity value is selected and the Phase value on the Activity record matches existing Phases
  2. Activity value is NOT selected; offer the end-user the option to select 'None' for the Phase
  3. Activity value is selected, but the Phase value on the Activity record is not filled in but we want to offer the end-user the option to select 'Unknown Phase' value.

Steps to Reproduce:

See attachment for details on how to reproduce this case study.

Expected Result: The List View should show saved values for the parametrized look-up as it does on the properties page.
Actual Result: The List View does NOT show some saved values for the parameterized look-up as it does on the properties page.


This issue is caused by CLRT-60305


Release: 12.1.0, 12.1.1, 13.0, 13.1, 13.2

Component: Studio


This issue is fixed in Clarity 13.3

View and edit the lookup values through the investment properties page.

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