Insufficient Free Space to backup APM while upgraded to 10.7 Enterprise Manager from earlier versions
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Insufficient Free Space to backup APM while upgraded to 10.7 Enterprise Manager from earlier versions


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


When you are upgrading your Enterprise Manager to 10.7 from a previous version, the upgrade does a check of available disk space.  If you don't have enough space you will see a message like:

Insufficient Free Space to backup APM 


Insufficient space to perform upgrade. Please ensure that there is a free 

space of at least 45823.94994926453 MB 


Unfortunately, there are no parameters that can be changed to bypass this message and issue.


Application Performance MAnagement 10.7


Reason: Space Requirement has been calculated considering the below factors:

a) Space for existing installation (1x)

b) New style backup next to the EM_HOME (1x)

c) Classic style backup within EM_Home (which can occupy up to 70% of EM Space). (up to 0.7x)

d) Space for any additional artifacts and buffer space

e) It would sum up around 3 to 3.5 times EM Space.

f) We would require 2.5x additional space.


From the 10.7 guide:

Minimum Disk Space Requirement:

You must have a minimum disk space equal to FIVE times the EM Home disk space + THREE times the DB disk space to back up the existing instance of CA APM.


Here is the current short term workaround to be performed prior to running the 10.7 EM installer

1) Shutdown EM 

2) Move traces, data and threaddumps directories outside of the current EM_HOME where pre-10.5 version resides.

3) In file, update the following properties based on the new directory paths from step 2.

a) Update SmartStor settings including the baselines


b) Update directory used for traces storage

c) Update directory used for threaddumps storage

4) Start EM 


Our Product Management is currently looking into an official workaround and is planning a fix for 10.5.1 due out in Winter 2017.

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