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Error when running reports in Report Center after changing the hostname of the server post install or loading a database save from another machine


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CA eHealth



Following errors are being observed while running report through report centre:

QE-DEF-0285 Logon failure.

QE-DEF-0285 Logon failure.

QE-DEF-0323 The DSN(ODBC)/ServiceName is invalid. Either the DSN is missing or the host is inaccessible.

QE-DEF-0068 Unable to connect to at least one database during a multi-database attach to 1 database(s) in: eHealthDb UDA-SQL-0031 Unable to access the "eHealthDb" database.

UDA-SQL-0532 Data Source is not accessible: "NPMPWN-1_EHEALTH".

ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name

Trace back:

WPBIBusMethod.cpp(198): WPDataRetrievalException: CCL_CAUGHT: WPBIBusMethod::runRequest

WPReportExecutionMethod.cpp(175): WPDataRetrievalException: CCL_RETHROW: WPReportExecutionMethod::checkRequestForExceptions

WPExecuteRequestThread.cpp(169): WPDataRetrievalException: WPExecuteRequestThread::checkException

WPEngine.cpp(1034): WPDataRetrievalException:

WPController.cpp(263): WPDataRetrievalException: CCL_RETHROW: WPController::executeRendering() LWDataRetrievalEngine.cpp(320): WPDataRetrievalException: CCL_RETHROW: LWDataRetrievalEngine::prepare

LWDataRetrievalEngine.cpp(1925): WPDataRetrievalException: CCL_THROW: LWDataRetrievalEngine::runQSQuery

Source/QE_QsApi.cpp(4873): QSException: CCL_RETHROW: QE

Source/AQEX_BIQueryVisitor.cpp(109): QSException: CCL_RETHROW: QE

Source/QESqlServer.cpp(3064): QSException: CCL_THROW: QE


The error seems to be a problem with the data source definition for Cognos reports. Please follow the below instructions to fix the issue.

From the browser, open eHealth web GUI, log on as "admin", and go to the Report Center tab.
Choose Tools, Directory from link at right side.
Choose "Data Sources" tab.
Click on "More" link under actions column at right.
Click "View Connections" link.
Click "Properties" icon under actions at right.
Click "Connection" tab.
Click pencil icon next to "Connection string" edit control.
Check the connection string for correct machine name and SID.

Updating the SQL*Net connect string with the right machine name and SID should resolve the issue.


Component: EHRPTC