What is the command used to manually reorganize the IPLOG file (the data set used to store reported events)?


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There can be circumstances, such as when the NetMaster region has an authorization problem accessing one or more datasets used on the IPLOG reorganization procedure (which is called, for example, when the IPLOG file becomes full), that such reorganization procedure has to be rerun right away, manually.


Once the circumstances that prevented the scheduled IPLOG reorganization procedure from running are resolved, the reorganization procedure can be rerun by use of command: $IPLO82Z ACTION=REORG (preferably invoked in a NetMaster background region, e.g.: SUB BSYS $IPLO82Z ACTION=REORG). The $IPLO82Z ACTION=REORG execution messages can be viewed on the NetMaster Activity Log, by use of shortcut /LOG.


Component: NMTIP