How to remove External Database Connections in Niku System Admin Console?
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How to remove External Database Connections in Niku System Admin Console?


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This article explains how to remove External Database connection information from the NSA as there is not a way to remove them from the User Interface.



Component: PPMENV


Here are the steps you will need to perform:

  1. Navigate to the X:\Clarity_home\config folder and copy the properties.xml file to a remote location that can be retrieved if needed.
  2. Open the file with your favorite XML Notepad. (Notepad++, Textpad or XML Notepad) Please do not use the Notepad included with Windows as it doesn't format XML properly.
  3. Search the properties.xml file for the ID that you used in the external connection.
  4. Highlight the entire node for the external connection. It. It should similar to the example provided below:
    <database id="test1" useURL="false" jndiDatabaseId="jdbc/testDS" vendor="mssql" serviceName="niku" serviceId="seed1206" instanceName="" driver="" url="jdbc:clarity:sqlserver://<dbname>:1433;DatabaseName=seed1206;InsensitiveResultSetBufferSize=0;ProgramName=Clarity" username="niku" schemaName="niku" maximumConnections="10"/>
  5. Delete the node and save the file.
  6. From the command line execute the following command: "nikuadmin general upload-config"

Executing the command in step six will synch the properties.xml file with the information stored in the database.