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Applying emergency key generator(EKG) on MVS


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How do I apply the Emergency Key Generator(EKG) on a MVS operating system?


There are two methods in applying the Emergency Key Generator(EKG) for MVS.

First Method:

Insertion of the EKG control card as the *FIRST* control card in the KEYS member.
If EKG is used as a control card, the format is as fol lows:
EKG(NNNNNNNN) - where NNNNNNNN is the eight byte code generated from the EKG device.

Second Method:

Pass the EKGP parameter to the CAS9 STC VIA "S CAS9,,,EKGP" or by modifying the CAS9(CAIRIM) STC JCL, adding PARM=EKGP on the exec card.

Note: For the first method, the EKG control card must be the first uncommented control card in the KEYS member to execute successfully. The EKG control card is not card column dependent.


Component: C21E