Error in cic.log "CIC terminated due to an error"


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If the Software Content Download job runs in an error, check the C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CIC\logs\CIC.log

Following error may be contained:

Unexpected error detected for cycle:1Cycle 1 completed with status: ERROR. Elapsed time 1 minute.CIC terminated due to an error


This problem may be caused due to a problem with the SQL cicuser login.

Things to check:

  1. Check if the cicuser login is able to logon to the MDB remotely by manually opening SQL Management Studio and specifying the SQL Login for cicuser and verifying access.

  2. Check that the cicuser user is not locked in SQL Server.

    In "SQL Server Management Studio", go to Security/Logins. Right click on the cicuser and select properties in the popup menu.

    Click on status and unlock the account. If the account is locked then modify the password in order to respect the password policy rules.

  3. If the cicuser password has been changed then execute the command below in order to update it in the CIC config file:

    util.bat -d domainmanagername newpassword


Release: UASIT.99000-12-Asset Intelligence