BPM_ERRORS table filling up impacting database performance
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BPM_ERRORS table filling up impacting database performance


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The DBA noticed that the BPM_ERRORS table is doing a FULL TABLE SCAN every time it runs, which impacts the database performance.

The table is currently very large in size. Every time that table is queried, Oracle will have to flush all its buffer data to disk in order to load BPM_ERRORS data for read. Can the records from this table be deleted or truncated?


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We recommend to run Delete Process Instances job on regular basis:

  1. Start with a lower environment
  2. Run the Delete Process Instance Job. If there are many records to delete, the job may take a long time.
  3. Make sure that you enter date parameters (eg. run month by month). Aim to have not more than 5000 removed at each run
  4. We recommend not to keep more than 500k records in BPM_ERRORS. Anything over 1M needs a cleanup

Additional Information


  • The Delete Process Instance job will delete Aborted or Completed processes. If you have many processes in Error/Failed, those have to be aborted first before deleting them.
  • If a specific process throws too many errors, this is something that has to be worked on with the process developer.