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Power Up Of Pc Not Working


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  • PC's that have been moved to a different subnet cannot be powered on by CA Client Automation's "Power Up PC" or via a Software Delivery job with the "Wake Up Target" option set.


  • DSM 11.x

  • ITCM 12.x

  • CA Client Automation 12.x

  • OS - non specific


  • Client Automation uses the agent inventory information to construct the WOL "Magic Packet". This packet is sent either to the Subnets broadcast address (Broadcast mode) or is directed to the specific PC (Unicast Mode).

  • When the PC has moved to a new subnet the two key pieces of information used to calculate the Magic Packet will change (IP Address and Subnet Mask).

  • As the PC has not yet been booted on this new network the agent has not reported these changes to Client Automation.

  • This means the Magic packet is targeted to the PC's old location and therefore it does not wake up.


1. After moving the PC ensure it is booted at least once to register the new network details.

2. Use the CAF Sendwol Command to wake the PC the first time which allows you to define the Network values for the new Subnet.

  • CAF Sendwol is a command line tool and can be run from any Client Automation server or Agent.

  • Full syntax for this can be obtained by running the following command

    caf help sendwol

R12.5 Workaround

  • R12.5 now allows the configuration of up to 5 Guest Networks for WOL.

  • When a Guest network is configured it will receive the Magic Packet in addition to the PC's last known network location.

  • This allows the Administrator to move the PC's within a range of subnets and still maintain the WOL functionality without the need to for the PC's to be booted after each move.

  • Guest nets are configured in the WOL section of configuration Policy.

    • DSM - Common Components - CAF - Wake-On-LAN


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence