Import Poller error causing data update to the database missing for a CNDC elements
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Import Poller error causing data update to the database missing for a CNDC elements


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CA eHealth



Below error appears in system.log very frequently on a CNDC system causing the data update to CA eHealth database to fail

Pgm nhiPoller[Import]: Expectation for 'liveTotalTime >= _liveReachableTime' failed (QFFSYDPITPM01- liveTotalTime of 300 less than _liveReachableTime of 30900 in file ../UplSegWriter.C, line 652). (cu/cuAssert)

Problem Ticket: PRD00052784


In general for a bad poll, liveReachableTime does not get reset and accumulates over the next poll, but liveTotalTime gets reset to deltaTime for every poll. On a subsequent poll, if there is a counter value going backwards, we run into this expectation.

Ideally for a good poll the totalTime and reachable time should be calculated based on the values in the mtf, but if the poll is bad we don't get to calcSegData ,which is the right behavior, as there is no polled data to act on. In the current case there is a override for reachable time and total time in the mtf for this particular element but we don't get that far due to a bad poll.

To fix this issue in UplSegWriter::calcPollTimes, we have added a check for liveReachableTime to be greater than liveTotalTime and if so, set liveReachableTime to be equal to liveReachableTime, if we are storing live.

The issue documented above has been resolved in the following release(s):

CA eHealth 6.3

CA eHealth Service Packs are available for download from Please review the README file for each Service Pack prior to installing. CA Technologies recommends that users always keep CA eHealth current by installing the latest Service Pack available.


Component: EHPOLL