How to add Synonyms to FAST so they are recognized by Service Desk in Knowledge searches


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When using the FAST ESP search engine with Service Desk, it may become desirable to add synonyms to FAST to enhance knowledge searches.


Refer to TEC537419 for assistance in how to install the Linguistic Studio program.

  1. From the Fast ESP server, launch (linguisticsstudio.exe) and login into the Linguistic Studio program

  2. Create a new project (Test)

  3. Create a new dictionary (Test2) under synonyms for this project

  4. Add synonyms (i.e. cat->tiger and cat->leopard) for this dictionary

  5. Right click the project and select 'Deploy to Fast ESP' and then select 'Deploy and Execute Required Operations'.

  6. On the FAST server, go to <FAST Install Folder>\resources\dictionaries\synonyms\qt. Notice that new file called "<dictionary name>.aut" is created (i.e. Test2.aut)

  7. On the FAST server, go to <FAST Install Folder>\etc\config_data\QRServer\webcluster\etc\qrserver. Edit the file "qtf-config.xml" with a test editor

  8. Add a new parameter to under the <parameter-list name="qt.synonym"> XML tag (i.e. <parameter name="synonymdict3" value="resources/dictionaries/synonyms/qt/<New dictionary name>.aut"/>)
    Please make sure that the dictionary name is unique.
    <instance name="synonym" type="external" resource="qt_synonym">      <parameter-list name="qt.synonym">        <parameter name="enable" value="1"/>        <parameter name="synonymdict1" value="resources/dictionaries/synonyms/qt/short_spellvars.aut"/>        <parameter name="synonymdict2" value="resources/dictionaries/synonyms/qt/short_wordnet.aut"/>       <parameter name="synonymdict3" value="resources/dictionaries/synonyms/qt/Test2.aut"/>       </parameter-list>    </instance>
  9. Save and close the file

  10. From the FAST server, run the following command from a command prompt from the <FAST Install Folder>/bin directory:

    view-admin -m refresh -U admin -P <FAST ESP admin password>

  11. You will now be able to search KT docs in SDM using the synonyms created


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