Collection of links for CA Support Online that introduce and explain the new CA MIM fix strategy
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Collection of links for CA Support Online that introduce and explain the new CA MIM fix strategy


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This document provides a central location for all of the links to CA Support Online that explain the CA MIM fix strategy and how to download CA MIM maintenance.


The reasons for changing the CA MIM fix strategy include providing consistency across the CA mainframe product set, and more closely aligning with existing industry standards and procedures for installing z/OS and its products. All of the links included in this document are for pages that exist at CA Support Online.

The starting point for understanding the new CA MIM fix strategy is the document called CA Multi-image Manager Resource Sharing for z/OS Fix Strategy. This document introduces the changes and the terminology that is used. A key change is the replacement of CA MIM cumulative Service Packs with familiar standardizations such as recommended service levels. MIM 11.7 SP02 is the final Service Pack that will be delivered for CA MIM. CA recommends that you upgrade MIM to 11.7 SP02 before implementing the new procedures described in this document. Here is the link to the document:

CA-MIM for z/OS Fix Strategy

The document above introduces CA Recommended Service, Aggregate Maintenance, and Error HoldData standardizations. The paragraphs below provide links to detailed information on these standardizations.

CA Recommended Service (CA RS) Buckets

CA RS is explained in more detail in the following links:


CA Recommended Service Reports


HOLDDATA is explained in more detail in the following links:

Consolidated SMP/E ERROR HOLDDATA Bucket is now available

Consolidated HOLDDATA

Aggregate Maintenance File Solutions

Corrective maintenance can be downloaded from CA Support Online at any time. If you anticipate a large number of PTF updates to your system for a specific release, the Aggregate Maintenance solution enables an efficient download process. (For MIM 11.8 this is APAR RO25689)

With regard to Aggregate Maintenance solution delivery for MIM, CA Technologies target schedule is to deliver them every 6 months post-GA.

Aggregate Maintenance is explained in more detail in the following link:

Aggregate Maintenance

Here is the link for the CA MIM maintenance grid, which is useful when downloading CA MIM maintenance:

CA MIM Resource Sharing Maintenance Grid

You also have the ability to download all published PTFs since the base release via the CSO Download Center under 'Published Solutions' and choosing the 'ADD ALL to Cart' option. This will give you all published PTFs since the base release and will be sent as a single .ZIP file.

You may notice at the Download Center a Freeware/Utilities toolbox that offers a download of:

CA Concatenate

Allows you to concatenate binary (.bin) or text (.txt) files, thus reducing the number of files that need to be uploaded to the mainframe. You can use this utility against the .ZIP file containing ALL PTFs since base.

Please review all the Fix Strategy & Maintenance Grid documents & Hyperlinks to decide what maintenance approach you want to pursue (i.e. CA RS, Aggregate Maintenance, individual fixes...or all PTFs at once).


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