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When upgrading SCC r8 SP1 CR2 to CR3 you receive a request to switch to ESCC_8_0_CD2 - CA Common Services.


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The Security Command Center version r8 Sp1 CR3 install files are downloaded as RO05860.CAZ which when unzipped open 2 more .caz files which when unzipped create folders "part1" and "part2". Then during the upgrade process, you are asked to switch to a CD named "ESCC_8_0_CD2 - CA Common Services." which does not exist. The Solution to this is as below.


  1. There are two ways to resolve this problem.

    1. Cancel out of you current install.

    2. Take all of the subfolders (and their contents) from folders "part1" and "part2" and combine them into one single folder.

    3. Restart the install as per the instructions in the ReadMe file.

      With all of the install subfolders in same location, the install will be able to access the CA Common services install file and not ask for a separate CD.

  2. When the request is made by the install a dialog box with "Browse" is available.

    1. Drill to the CCS11.2 folder and choose it (SCC\part2\CCS11.2)

    2. Once you have pointed the install to CCS11.2, the install should continue.


Component: ETRSCC