VMIMAGE and adding new DASD
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VMIMAGE and adding new DASD


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VM:Backup High-Speed Disaster Recovery Option (HiDRO)


Recently upgraded z/VM and added new volumes to the VMIMAGE virtual machine directory.
After adding the new DASD to VMIMAGE and restarting SYBMON, we submitted a backup which failed.
The SYBMON virtual machine returned the following errors: 

VMI044 - SYBDIREX did not create VMIMAGE CATJOB A 
VMI011 - The VMIMAGE SYSTEM operation will not be run 

If I revert VMIMAGE SELSYSRS and VMIMAGE SELECT to before I made changes for additional DASD, the command is successful. 

How can I resolve this?


Release: all
Component: HIDRO


If you run both VMIMAGE BACKUP (runs first) and VMIMVAGE SYSTEM (runs after VMIMAGE BACKUP), you have to run the BACKUP step before you can run the SYSTEM step. 

The first stage of the SYSTEM step is to create the RESTORE commands for what was backed up in the BACKUP step. Because that information is NOT FOUND, you are getting the failure trying to run (only) the SYSTEM step. 

You must run VMIMAGE BACKUP first.

Additional Information

Review the VMIMAGE Directory Entry and remove any obsolete MDISK statements from the entry. 
Also, ensure that all the new DASD you need is added.  The VMIMAGE Directory entry is what is used for the basis of what is backed up. 
The SYSSELCT file dictates what is backed up in the SYSTEM step, everything else is backed up in the BACKUP step.