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What is the best method of importing my software delivery library packages into a new Domain Manager and prevent having to stage them to Scalability Servers again?


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What is the best method of importing my software delivery library packages into a new Domain Manager server in the event I need to uninstall and reinstall the server? How do I get the previously staged packages to all my scalability servers to show up as being staged in the new server?


First you should search for or restore all folders named '*.arc' from the old Domain Manager (DM) server's %SDROOT%\ASM\LIBRARY\Library directory and copy them locally to a folder on the new DM server. Then in DSM Explorer, right click on All Software and select -Paste - Folders to import SW packages. (Alternatively, you can just drag-drop all of the '.arc' folders rights onto the 'All Software' icon in DSM Explorer.)

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Figure 1

Note that any MSI administrative installs in the MSILIB$ share on the previous server cannot be imported to the new DM server and new administrative installs will need to be done on the DM server to repopulate the share data, but installed end points should not need to be reinstalled.

If you had previously staged any of these packages to downstream scalability servers, then you need to run the Scalability Server package procedure - 'Synchronize Software Staging Library' on all of your scalability servers to get the previously staged software to show up in DSM Explorer on the DM. This procedure simply reads what is staged locally on the SS and reports that list to the DM so those packages will report as staged and be available for immediate use.

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Figure 2

While any previous Software Delivery installation records will be lost, the Domain Manager will be fully functional once more. Software Detection scripts (SWD) can be used to repopulate SW installation records but must be created manually. Please see the product implementation guide for more information.


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence


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