Upgrade from EEM 8.2 to EEM 8.4
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Upgrade from EEM 8.2 to EEM 8.4


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This document covers the possible solutions in case of an error while upgrading from EEM 8.2 (with Ingres) to EEM 8.4 (without Ingres)

Possible Error Messages during a unsuccessful upgrade:

Could not migrate CA Directory to the latest version - Fatal error during installation.
Failed to uninstall caller id 'CA iTechnology iPoz'.

Cannot delete Iglkdata: It is being used by another person or program.
Close any programs that might be using the file and try again


In case of any of the above error message being encountered during upgrade from EEM 8.2.x to EEM 8.4.x, follow the below procedure

  • Stop iGateway - This can be achieved either from the Services.msc or using the command line "net stop igateway"

    • Go to Start -> run --> type "services.msc"

    • Locate the "iTechnology iGateway" service

    • Right click on the service name and select stop.

  • Stop Ingres - This can be achieved from the Services.msc

    Stop Ingres (follow below steps)

    • Go to Start -> Run -> services.msc

    • Stop the Ingres Intelligent Database [EI] Service

    • A pop-up will come up regarding the 2 following dependent services needing to be stopped:

      eTrust Directory - iTechPoz-<name of machine>
      eTrust Directory - iTechPoz-<name of machine>-Router

    • Click on the Yes button

    • After completing this step, close the Windows Services dialog

    • Next open a command prompt, and execute "ingstop" this will stop if any other Ingress related process.

    • To verify if Ingress is shutdown successfully, please verify the "%II_SYSTEM%\ingres\files\memory" folder, this should be empty.

  • Re-run the EEM 8.4.x installer to continue with the upgrade process

    In case the aboce does not help with the upgrade, do perform the steps below.

  • Reboot the server/machine which needs to be upgraded

  • Make sure that no web browsers are running/open.

  • Make sure that iGateway service is not running, if running stop it / kill it

    • To stop follow the steps described above

    • To Kill the iGateway process

      • Go to Start -> Run -> taskmgr.exe -> Click the Processes tab

        -> Click igateway.exe process -> Click End Process button.

      • Close the Windows Task Manager.

  • Stop Ingress as described above

  • Start the upgrade process (execute the EEM 8.4.x installer)


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