Can we modify an ITCM software package without losing it's installation records?


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Is there a way to modify an ITCM software package without deleting the installation records for that package? Some packages have source that needs to be updated periodically and we want to keep the package the same.


Disclaimer: This procedure is not recommended because it removes your ability to validate and control what machines has received what version of the package source, but it is possible to do if a real need exists.

Procedures within the package cannot be modified via the below but package source files can be:

  1. Browse to the Software (SW) package in the DSM Explorer.

  2. Right-click on the package and select 'Properties'.

  3. Uncheck the box for "Checksum control of package consistency".

  4. Browse to %sdroot%\asm\library and find the library.dct

  5. Open this file in notepad.

  6. Find the entry that matches your software package name. Specifically "ItemName = <package name>" and "ItemVersion = <version>"

  7. Make a note of the value after "Path = " for that package.

  8. Browse to %sdroot%\asm\library\<path name>.

  9. Ex: %sdroot%\asm\library\E523FE45-EF7E-4AA0-97A1-4E6E4D7E44F8.arc

  10. Browse within to \<1.vol\ in that folder. You will find your package source files here.

  11. Modify your package as needed.

  12. Test.

If you do not need the same package then it is recommended that you create a new package based on the existing sealed one...Just right-click on the original package and select 'New->Software package version'.

Now just fill in a new version number in the provided field and click 'OK'. Now refresh your software package list and you'll see it there in an unsealed state with all the content of the original ready to be modified.


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence