How the events are processed in Eventdisp file.
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How the events are processed in Eventdisp file.


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


EventDisp file is used to map an event to an alarm and these additional factors should be considered before customizing the EventDisp file.


Component: Events and Alarms


Make sure you take care of the below important points when customizing an EventDisp file.

  1. You can add the event code only once in an EventDisp file. If you have two lines with the same event code in the Eventdisp file performing two different actions then only the first line is processed by Spectrum and the second action of the event code is ignored.

    For example:

    In an EventDisp file you may have something like this:

    0xfff00000 E 20 A 0,0x10221 C 0x00010220
    0xfff00000 E 50 P "WriteAttribute( { C CURRENT_MODEL }, { H 0x1295d }, { B False} )"
    0xfff00001 E 50 P \
    "WriteAttribute( { C CURRENT_MODEL }, \
    { H 0x1295d }, \
    { B True} )"

    Now in the above example, the event code 0xfff00000 is repeated twice. However, Spectrum will only process the first line of the event code mentioned in the EvenDisp file and the procedure in the second line is ignored.

  2. When you delete a particular mapping for an event from the Event Configuration editor make sure you delete the mapping in the EventDisp file which is located under the custom directory and also the EventDisp file located under the respective modeltype folder.