Report server settings test correctly, but can't view my report?
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Report server settings test correctly, but can't view my report?


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This information is applicable for IM r12 all CR's and r12.5 SP6 and lower, within SP7 and higher the IDMMANAGE Reports connection has been moved within the IME. If you have a later release, the information in this document is likely still relevant, just the configuration screens will be in a new location. (within the IME NOT IDMMANAGE)

One symptom of incorrect port entered when establishing the linkage between the IM application server and IM Report server:

If you try to "View My Reports" and the page tries to load, you may receive rpt might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Another symptom might be that you navigation to web page canceled. or domain name not found.


IDMMANAGE -> advanced settings -> reports doesn't check for a valid application server port (try 1234). This port is required when launching the 'View my Report' from the IME (typically this would be 8080), but at no time is this setting verified within IDMMANAGE. Although it's clearly documented that the IM report server (CABI) app server port (tomcat) should be placed in IDMMANAGE, the verification that the information isn't happening and can cause problems downstream. Please consider even if this port test worked it would only test the connection from the IM application server machine to the IM report server machine NOT from the client machine to the Report server.

Also IDMMANAGE -> advanced settings -> reports doesn't check for a valid FQDN of the CABI report server. Again this is clearly documented within the install guide, but if you don't put the Fully Qualified hostname of the Business Objects (BO) report server and simply put something like the IP address, the report server connection test would be valid. However as you use the product when you click 'view my report' the report wouldn't be viewable unless you use the FQDN of the BO server in IDMMANAGE.

Please consider when you launch view my report from the client workstation, it will access the Identity Manager server as well as the IM report server domain name and report server application server port, simultaneously, since the report server RPT is encapsulated within the IME frame.


Release: CAPUEL99000-12.5-Identity Manager-Blended upgrade to Identity &-Access Mgmt Ente