Can Archive and Purge rules be used to delete Service Desk contacts? Can Archive and Purge rules be used to delete configuration items (CIs)?


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You may define or activate rules to archive and purge records from the database.

However, rules cannot be defined for archiving and purging Service Desk contacts or Configuration Items. Contacts and Configuration Items are not listed in the "Config. Object Name" drop down box in the Archive and Purge Rule definition.


Contacts and Configuration Items cannot be purged with Archive and Purge rules.

For the purpose of maintaining historical data integrity, it is recommended that you retain all Contacts and Configuration Items, and not directly delete it from the database.

The pull-down list in the "Config. Object Name" field of a New Archive and Purge rule lists the objects for which the rules are intended. These include objects such as the various ticket types and logs. See the r12.1 screenshot in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1.

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Figure 1


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