CA Workload Automation: Error messages in tracelogs about user not authorized to ALLOW for APPLX.SOME_APP


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)



APPLX permission is required to view/read an app in the Monitor perspective.


When a user does a Subscribe All in the Monitor Perspective, the CA Workload Automation (dSeries) will try to show all the active jobs. If a user does not have permission to certain applications, the CA WA will then record an 'informational' message "[WssACLUtility] User <USERNAME> is not authorized to ALLOW for APPLX.SOME_APP" in the tracelog.

The message can be ignored. The message may get repeated for each application that the user does not have permission to view.

The Autdilog can also be checked to see which user logged in and did ran a 'Subscribe All' command. Here is an example of auditlog entry:

20100304 14:49:34.004 f9796ec68119 resp USERNAME action Subscribe filter =*

To extract the information from auditlog, enter the following in the CLI:

exportauditlog path("path") name("NAME") startdate("YYYYMMDD")
exportauditlog path("c:\\tmp") name("MY_AUDIT") startdate("20100303")


Release: CAWAS999000-11.1-Workload Automation-Agent for Application Services