Getting a checksum consistency error when trying to stage packages form enterprise manager to domain managers.


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When trying to stage packages from an Enterprise Server (ES) to a Domain Manager(s) (DM) I get the following message:

Distribution Status Error: Container could not be created. Copy, zip or checksum consistency error. [SDM301870]. This is only happening for certain packages.


This is due to a long path problem in creating the job container and can be fixed by running Ccnfcmda commands on the Enterprise server and domain server to shorten their outgoing and incoming distribution directories:

On the Enterprise Server:

  1. Terminate all distribution containers.

  2. Re-configure the "outgoing" directory as follows:
    Ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/usd/shared -pn outgoing -v

  3. Restart caf

    On the Domain Manager:

    1. Wait until all incoming distributions are acknowledged

    2. Re-configure the "incoming" directory as follows:
      Ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/usd/shared -pn incoming -v

    3. Restart caf

Note: to get the current values of these dir's. you can use the following commands:
C:\>Ccnfcmda -cmd getparameterValue -ps itrm/usd/shared -pn incoming

C:\>Ccnfcmda -cmd getparameterValue -ps itrm/usd/shared -pn outgoing

The cause is due to long directory paths within the package where folders are long and possibly many levels deep and when combined with the directory path where they are stored, some paths are too long for some binaries or compression schemes can handle and the job now fails. Shortening the path above brings the total path under the required cap.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence