Report Center error in browser: DPR-ERR-2058
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Report Center error in browser: DPR-ERR-2058


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CA eHealth



When Report Center is launched from a browser and error is seen:

Error: DPR-ERR-2058 The dispatcher cannot service the request at this time. The dispatcher is still initializing. Contact your administrator if this problem persists.


After the Report Center servers are stopped (nhReportCenter stop), do this:

  1. Rename $NH_HOME/crn/configuration/caSerial to caSerial.bad

  2. Rename the folder $NH_HOME/crn/configuration/csk to csk.bad

  3. Rename the folder $NH_HOME/crn/configuration/signkeypair to signkeypair.bad

  4. Rename the folder $NH_HOME/crn/configuration/encryptkeypair to encryptkeypair.bad

  5. Navigate to $NH_HOME/crn/configuration.

  6. Rename the file "cogstartup.xml" to "cogstartup.xml.bad".

  7. Copy the file "cogstartup_rptctr.xml" to "cogstartup.xml".

  8. Open cogstartup.xml in an editor and make the following changes:

    • Replace all instances of CRN_PORT with "9301" (not including the quotes).

    • Replace all instances of CRN_SERVER_NAME with "eHealth Report Center".

    • Replace all instances of CRN_HOSTNAME with the name of your eHealth server.

    • Replace NH_RDBMS_NAME with your Oracle SID, for example "EHEALTH". This would be the current value of the environment var of the same name.

    • Replace CRN_USER with "crn".

    • Replace CRN_PASSWORD with the PWD of the Oracle DB user named "crn". By default this is "ehealth".

  9. Copy the modified cogstartup.xml to cogstartup.xml.unencrypted, as a backup.

  10. Launch Cognos configuration by running $NH_HOME/crn/bin/ (Unix) or cogconfigw.exe (Windows).

    Note: on unix you might need to set the DISPLAY variable to a valid X Windows Server before running

  11. Save the configuration using the file-save icon or menu (not export).

  12. Launch the servers.

Rerun the -action testConnection test on the cmdline to see if it works.


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements