LD: 0711-356 WARNING: The .text section may not be aligned properly.


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The 'ld: 0711-356 WARNING: The .text section may not be aligned' message has to do with the way the ld linker builds executable files.

A UNIX executable consists of a .text, .loader, and a .data section.

In Easytrieve for AIX, we use a ld switch of -H32, which aligns each section on a 32-byte boundary.

This is a valid alignment in most cases, but on some systems we have seen the message you described.

The solution is to pass an -H0 switch to the linker. To do this, you can compile your program using this syntax:

ezt -v -W l,-H0 -o testezt testezt.ezt

Since the -W l,-H0 part of this syntax will be used every time, you can include it in the EZTOPTS environment variable, which contains switches sent to the ezt program. You can do this adding the following line to your bldezt.profile:

export EZTOPTS="-W l,-H0"

Then, after a logoff and logon, you should be able to compile, by using the standard or your desired syntax.


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