Share Formats with multiple Users
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Share Formats with multiple Users


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After I get a new format created and working as I desire, how do I make that "new" format available to all users. It is not sufficient to have the new format only available to me. 


z/OS and SYSVIEW 14.2


Need to create new formats for other non-technical users of the product.


You can use the COPY subcommand to copy a profile format from one profile to another profile. If you copy the format to the DEFAULT profile, it will be available to all users. 
Please do the following in SYSVIEW: 

1. PROFILE CHANGE, DEFAULT (requires ADMIN authority) 
2. Select the CTRANS command 
3. Select the Formats section 
4. Select the CTRANS screen 
5. Use the COPY subcommand to copy the format from the other profile 

The documentation for the COPY subcommand is: 

Copy a format from another profile. The format of 
the COPY subcommand is: 

COPY formatname,newformatname,profilename 

where formatname is the name of an existing format, 
newformatname is the name for the copied format and 
profilename is the name of the profile member where the 
format exists. 

If the profilename is omitted, it will copy a format 
from the current profile. The DEFAULT format cannot 
be copied with the COPY subcommand. To create a copy 
of the DEFAULT format, just add a new format. 

After the format is copied, exit the profile command so the DEFAULT profile gets updated. Then all users will have access to the new format in the DEFAULT profile. 

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