Tenanted knowledge documents under tenanted knowledge categories are exported, but when the package is imported, the documents appear under the public knowledge categories. How do I get them imported under the tenanted knowledge categories?


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This article explains why tenanted knowledge categories might get imported as tenanted knowledge articles but under public/un-tenanted knowledge categories, and how to ensure that the knowledge categories maintain their original tenancy when imported.


When you create an Export/Import Template for the purpose of exporting a set of knowledge documents in a multi-tenanted Service Desk Manager environment, the Tenant field should be set to the tenant of the documents that are to be exported. You can then select from the categories that exist for that tenant.

When subsequently importing the export package to another system, the tenant needs to be pre-defined to that system.

As well, in order to maintain the tenancy of the knowledge categories, run the import of the export package under a logged-in Administrator contact with a matching tenant.

If you run the import when logged-in as a contact that is un-tenanted (i.e. public), the knowledge categories that are imported will be un-tenanted.

The following screenshots are taken from a r12.5 CA SDM system with multi-tenancy set to ON. In this system, 3 tenants have been created: tenantSP is the service provider, and tenant1 and tenant2 are two non-service-provider tenants.

Figure 1. Export/Import Templates under the Administration tab.

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Figure 1

Figure 2. A sample Export/Import template for tenant1. Note that the Tenant field specifies tenant1.

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Figure 2

Figure 3. Editing the template (to add Categories ... click on Category).

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Figure 3

Figure 4. Only the public categories and the categories for tenant1 can be selected.

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Figure 4

Figure 5. Here are all of the Knowledge Categories that are defined in the sample system (These are listed under the Knowledge Categories subfolder of the Knowledge folder under the Administration tab.)

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Figure 5

Figure 6. Click Export in the Export/Import Template Detail form.

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Figure 6

Figure 7. The Knowledge Export Transactions List contains a new entry for the completion of the export. The file for the package exists in the $NXROOT\site\keit\export directory.

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Figure 7


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