Can I invoke a startup ACL for a session that has ACCESS=PASS coded?
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Can I invoke a startup ACL for a session that has ACCESS=PASS coded?


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



ACCESS=PASS indicates that this session should be treated as ACCESS=PASS even though the system or the user has ACCESS=SINGLE or ACCESS=MULTIPLE.


To meet the needs of various sites, CA-TPX can run in one of three access modes:

  • Multiple Session Mode

  • Single Session Mode

  • PASS Mode

In PASS mode, TPX does not manage your sessions but passes control to the applications.

Your physical terminal is connected to your applications directly and not through a virtual terminal.

You cannot issue TPX commands when you are in a session using PASS mode because your terminal has no connection to the product.

To issue commands, you must log off your application and return to the TPX Menu.

Services that require you to be in communication with the TPX are not available at all, even from the TPX Menu.

If the word PASS appears in the lower right corner of your TPX Menu, you are operating in PASS mode.

Note: You cannot use PASS mode when using the TCPaccess Telnet Server interface.

Since TPX is not in control of an ACCESS=PASS session, an ACL cannot be run on it. The session is between the terminal and the application, once the pass occurs.


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