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Webagent : 'SMINPUTFILTER' - 'The timeout specified has expired' error message


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Customer is getting the following error in Apache error log and wants to know the possible cause:

[mod_sm22.cpp:1088][ERROR] Error in input filter 'SMINPUTFILTER' - 'The timeout specified has expired'.
[SmApache22WebFilterCtxt.cpp:460][ERROR] Input filter pre-fetch read error - 'The timeout specified has expired'


As described in the knowledge base article TEC541199 the SMFILTER is web agent terminology for the web server specific shim that interfaces with the web server and uses the specific API provided by the web server. The message indicates that the failure is there and not in the "common" agent code. A timeout occurred while processing the request.

The SiteMinder "input filter" gets loaded and two Apache methods that we call can result in the above error:

  1. ap_get_brigade()
  2. apr_brigade_partition()

You can open a case with Apache support to get the exact meaning of these Apache errors and how to tune the Apache specified timeout.


Component: SMAPC