How to trigger an eHealth discovery using CLI on a Spectrum-eHealth integrated system


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How to trigger an eHealth discovery using CLI on a Spectrum-eHealth integrated system

A user may wish to implement a pseudo-scheduled mechanism to trigger discoveries from Spectrum towards eHealth. This can be achieved by a CLI action command and can also be scripted from an OS point of view.


Release: Any
Component: SPCINT


The CLI solution will queue the requests so that the user will not need to click the button to request a discovery of a GlobalCollection. It will not result in an immediate discovery in eHealth. The request will be queued on the discovery policy model, and that request will in turn be picked up by the integration OneClick server. The integration OneClick server will queue and batch the requests destined for the same eHealth poller and then execute discoveries based on the interval configured on the eHealth configuration page.

Care needs to be taken in that too many requests executed in too short of an interval can overwhelm the pollers.

The action requires a model handle as a parameter. The model handle will be added to the discovery policy's request list if it does not already exist on the list. The model handle parameter should be a GlobalCollection model handle that is already assigned to the discovery policy model. The action to request a discovery on policy model 0x100001 for GlobalCollection 0x100002 would be:

  $SPECROOT/vnmsh/update action=0x5420001 mh=0x100001 index=0,type=11,val=0x100002

The action will include a Boolean return code. The return code will be TRUE if the model handle did not exist on the request list already (and thus needed to be added). The return code will be FALSE if the model handle already existed on the discovery policy model's request list. If FALSE is returned, it is likely that the integration OneClick server is not configured or operating correctly. The requests are rapidly (within 2 seconds, usually much less) pulled off the policy models by the integration OneClick server when everything is running smoothly.