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Identity Manager :: Policy Server Connection : Corrupted Buffer


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I am running Identity Manager, and when I start the JBoss instance on which Identity Manager is installed, the instance complains about a problem to connect to the Policy Server as from server.log:

2011-04-28 18:14:21,640 ERROR [ims.policyServer] Connection to Policy Server failed.
2011-04-28 18:14:21,640 ERROR [STDERR] [facility=7 severity=3 reason=0 status=1 message=Corrupted buffer returned from server]
No ObjectType specified by server for object ID:21-08788ee8-b23c-4d23-9ce1-93ca0eb1b942

How can I solve this problem?


This problem occurs often because of a corrupted or duplicated data in the Policy Store. You will see no problem at the Policy Server, but the data received by Identity Manager are not usable.

In order to get rid of this error and be able to start JBoss and Identity Manager properly, you need to delete the object that you will retrieve by the ID.

For example, if the Policy Store is on SQL database, you need to find in which table the ID 21-08788ee8-b23c-4d23-9ce1-93ca0eb1b942 is located.

In this example, the object was in

smpropertysection5 (child objects linked to that ID)
smproperty5 (the object itself)

So, you will need to delete the objects and its children:

delete from dbo.smproperty5 where propertysectionoid =
delete from dbo.smpropertysection5 where propertysectionoid =


Component: SMPLC