SDK :: Custom Agent : RSA ACE SecureID Reset Token
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SDK :: Custom Agent : RSA ACE SecureID Reset Token


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I run a Custom Agent and I would like to get the Custom Agent to handle the return code 28 (next token code) in order to get that next token. Mainly, which call should the Custom Agent do to the Policy Server to get that next token until the Agent get the return code 32 (new PIN accepted)? Can we do that by Custom Agent using SiteMinder SDK?


Unfortunately, we provide no specialized APIs for RSA token generation, and this is why there is no information in SiteMinder documentation.

You need to use the RSA ACE SDK to communicate with the ACE server.
Mainly you will need to do something like protect a resource with one of the Token Authentication Schemes, get the return codes you mentioned from the Agent API login call and then handle PIN management using RSA's APIs.

If you need more help on this then please contact CA Services.


Component: SMSDK