What do the error codes AHD04508 and AHD05213 in the stdlog mean?


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Under what circumstances do the errors below appear in the stdlog?

12/05 20:54:33.14 <server_name> domsrvr  27160 ERROR  attr.c 6006 AHD04508: Time-out in trigger  cr::zcount_add
12/05 20:54:33.19 <server_name> spelsrvr 17696 ERROR  cr.spl  865 Error in generic_fieldupdate return - 'AHD05213: Checkin failed'


In a particular instance, the AHD04508 message relates to a trigger that has been written within some custom spel code. Please note that custom spel code that is not documented in the Service Desk Modification Guide is outside the scope of CA Support and should be investigated with the help of CA Services.

The AHD05213 message indicates that a particular checkin failed to occur. That particular record is currently locked, preventing any other operation from being performed on it. In other words, when user 'A' is editing a particular record and user 'B' tries to edit it, the message is written. If the record is a request or change order and you want to disable the lock functionality for this type of record, please install the "canchk" option using the Options Manager within the Administration tab. The option category is "Request - Change".

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