How to change the default value for OSPasswd in an OSIM OS image that is already deployed?


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  • How to change the default value for OSPasswd in an OSIM OS image that is already deployed to target PC's?


  • CA Client Automation r12.5

  • CA IT Client Manager r12.0,r12.5


  1. At the command prompt cd to the oeminst folder of the OSIMAGE
    e.g. c:\program files\ca\dsm\Server\SDBS\var\managedpc\images\\\oeminst
    Tip: you can run createosimage ?x to list the path of each OS Image

  2. Run "canet crypt administrator newpassword" (newpassword is the actual new password)

  3. This will display the encrypted new password

  4. Copy this.

  5. Open default.ini for this image in notepad

  6. locate the following entry under [Default]


  7. Copy the encrypted password to this as the value

  8. locate the [OSPasswd] section

  9. Add the following line under [OSPasswd]


  10. Save default.ini

  11. Start the Update OSImage wizard in the IPS

  12. Select the image to be updated

  13. Select Update the image registration in a domain only

  14. Select if you want to update the Sd package or not.

  15. Select the DM to register to

  16. Click finish

Next you need to reset the parm value for the target PC's that have already had this OS pushed to them so if rebuilt they get the new password..

  1. Navigate to the target PC in OSInstallations

  2. R click on the target in left hand pane

  3. Select "reset to default (planned)

  4. Select OSPasswd in the dropdown and click OK

This will have updated the default value and when the OS is pushed out it will install with the new password. Obviously any new systems will have this Password by default.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence