Cauajm_e_18409 Unable To Load
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Cauajm_e_18409 Unable To Load


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CAUAJM_E_18498 Unable To Load Oracle client libraries


We have found the following to work in our test environments and provide it here as a courtesy. As always please check with your DBA before attempting to configure Oracle!

These instructions correct 2 different types of Oracle client load library issues:

  1. Where a system is being prepared, prior to installing an AutoSys Scheduler/Appserver

  2. Where the Autosys product was installed without 32bit library support, and then the oracle client was installed "post facto"
  1. Create a directory for the Oracle Instant client i.e. </home/autosys/oracli>

  2. Download and extract the oracle 32bit instant client into that directory

  3. Change perms/ownership, if necessary so that autosys owns or can, at the very least, use those client libraries

  4. While inside of /home/autosys/oracli create symbolic links for bin, lib, and libclntsh

    • ln -s . bin

    • ln -s . lib

    • ln -s <[sl].11.1>[sl] # sub sl/so appropriately

  5. Set the following variables in the autosys OS users profile - example is with /usr/bin/bash "bash shell"

    1. export ORACLE_HOME=/home/autosys/oracle

      //c. export SHLIB_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib:$SHLIB_PATH # applicable to HPUX
      //c. export LIBPATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib:$LIBPATH # applicable to AIX

    3. export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH

    4. export TNS_ADMIN=$ORACLE_HOME

  6. Copy over the tnsnames.ora file from the <11.2 64-bit oracle home>/network/admin to $ORACLE_HOME (/home/autosys/oracli)

  7. Optional download the sqlplus (32-bit) binary from the same site where oracle s instant client was downloaded and place it within
    $ORACLE_HOME - this comes in handy for doing native troubleshooting, but is not necessary.

  8. Perform your autosys install # if AutoSys was already installed go to 9.

  9. cd to $AUTOUSER (/opt/CA/UnicenterAutoSysJM/autouser.ACE is default)

  10. vi autosys.<shell>.<hostname> scripts

  11. Locate variables and modify if incorrect:

    • ORACLE_HOME=/home/autosys/oracli

    • TNS_ADMIN= /home/autosys/oracli

    • Modify the variable "aslibs=" in scripts

    • aslibs=$aslibs:$ORACLE_HOME/lib

  12. Repeat steps in 11. on all env scripts in $AUTOUSER

  13. su - root #become root

  14. unisrvcntr start uajm_agent uajm_sched.$AUTOSERV uajm_server.$AUTOSERV #test out the server - it should start


Component: ATSYS