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Clarity: ETC is added in the past when assigning a resource to a task in Clarity


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When you add a resource to a task in Clarity ETC is automatically calculated based on the task start/finish and the resource allocation segments.

If the resource has an act thur date on the project ETC is being added prior to the act thru date giving ETC in the past.

ETC should not be added in the past when the resource has posted actuals to the project.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a project for the month of May

  2. Assign a resource to the project at 100%

  3. Create a week long task at the start of the month

  4. Assign the resource and note etc is automatically calculated at 40 hours

  5. Post 40 hours of actuals to the task

  6. Note: the resource now has an act thru date for the end of the fist week of the project.

  7. Create a two week task starting at the beginning of the month

  8. Assign the resource to the task

Expected Result: To see ETC of 40 hours.

Actual Result: You get ETC of 80 hours.



Manually delete the 40 hours, then run autoschedule to move the hours past the act thru date.


This is defect CLRT-60997 which is currently in development being reviewed.

Keywords: CLRT-60997, ETC, Assignment, Task.


Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus