Error "You do not have rights to use scheduling functionality" when dragging scheduler analytic services in the Dashboard.


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Steps to reproduce the error message:

  1. Login to Business Intelligence Infoview and click on Dashboard.

  2. Create new dashboard and click Edit Dashboard.

  3. In the Analytic Toolbox, click on Analytic Services.

  4. Now drag Scheduler to the empty area. An error will appear - "You do not have rights to use scheduling functionality".

Note: The above error does not occur for the members of CA Report Admin or Administrator group within Business Intelligence.


To resolve the issue, perform the below steps to assign the required permissions:

  1. Login to the Business Intelligence Central Management Console (CMC) as an administrator. Go to Folder > Performance Manager and right-click on AFScheduleprogram.

  2. In the list add full control rights to the required user.

  3. Now the user should be able to access the scheduler without any error message.


Component: ARGIS