Why do I see messages SARH001E and/or SARH002E in the VIEW task log?


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Messages "SARH002E CA VIEW has detected PAVSUPP is disabled for database "view.db"." and "SARH001E CA View database "SAR.PRM" has detected a setting of MASTER=ALL." are logged in the VIEW started task log at startup.


Message errors SARH002E and SARH001E are generated by CA VIEW health checks starting with release r11.5 and above. These messages and other CA VIEW health check messages are documented in the CA VIEW System Reference guide, appendix B.

SARH001E CA View database "xxxxxxxxxx" has detected a setting of MASTER=ALL.


A warning that MASTER is set to ALL. The CA View MASTER=ALL setting is designed to allow for initial creation of a database. MASTER=ALL indicates no restrictions, so that all users have access to administrative functions.

When a database is used in a production environment, the SARINIT MASTER parameter should be changed to MASTER=userid. This does not limit MASTER authority to a single user. A user with master authority can assign master authority to any other user via the online DEF USER command.


Contact the administrator responsible for this CA View database. The following is the best response to this condition:

Determine the user ID of the master user for this database.
Run SARINIT with the MASTER=userid parameter.
Notify this user to use the DEF USER command to assign master authority to any other users that require administrative access.

Changing the parameter does not require the CA View started task to be cycled. As users log on to the system, the new value will be used.

SARH002E CA View database "xxxxxxxxxx" has detected a setting of PAVSUPP=NO.


A warning that PAVSUPP is set to NO. The CA View PAVSUPP parameter enables support for IBM parallel access volumes. For compatibility with the previous release, this support is initially disabled and must be activated. This will improve performance by allowing concurrent I/O requests against the same physical volume. CA View continues processing.


Notify the systems programmer of this condition. The following is the best response to this situation:

  1. Run SARINIT with the PAVSUPP=YES parameter.

    This will insure a consistent level of response as user loads increase.

  2. After the parameter has been changed, cycle the CA View started task.


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