Instructions regarding ADMIN rights when installing the Easytrieve workbench
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Instructions regarding ADMIN rights when installing the Easytrieve workbench


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL



CA Easytrieve is a per user license which means that the only user who can use the product is the one who does the install.

Administrative privileges are only required to install the licensing portion. Once licensing is installed, any user can install the actual Easytrieve product itself.


Licensing MUST be installed with ADMIN rights. Then User installs. DO NOT have user do RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. This will cause problems with updating environment settings and other issues.

If someone installs the EZT Workbench using the "Run As Administrator" option, please do the following:

  1. Sign on as an administrator.

  2. Install the licensing using one of the following two scenarios:

    1. Invoke Setup.exe from the install disk and select Custom install.
      Then make sure ONLY Licensing is checked. Complete the install

    2. Run the standalone Licensing install by executing silent.exe (I can supply the executable for this if you wish to go that route).
      The advantage to using this is that your Administrators can 'push' the silent install to the user's machines.

  3. Have the user sign on and run the setup.exe from the install disk. You will notice that the Licensing section is now disabled (grayed out) since the install recognizes that licensing is already installed.


Component: EZTRVW